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Madison Bank offers a variety of financing options, including Conforming and Jumbo Purchase and Refinance Loans, Lot Loans and Construction-Permanent Loans. Contact us to discuss your unique lending needs.


 Fixed Rate Mortgages

When you want the security of knowing your rate won't change during your loan term, a fixed rate option is for you. Rates   Apply 
We offer a variety of fixed rate loan terms.  Speak to our mortgage experts to discuss which option meets your needs.  


 Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Adjustable Rate Mortgages have interest rates lower than a fixed rate option and you get a lower monthly payment   Rates   Apply
since the loan is amortized over a 30 year period.  ARM loan programs have an initial rate that is locked for 5, 7 or 10  
years.  Rate caps guarantee that your rate won't increase more than 2% per adjustment and when rates drop, your  
rate will too!  


 Construction Permanent Loans

Our Construction Permanent Loan is the answer when you are building or renovating a home.  We offer One Rates   Apply
Settlement for both the construction phase and your permanent mortgage.  Your permanent mortgage rate is locked  
in at time of application, so there is not anxiety about your future housing payment.  Contact one of our mortgage  
experts to guide you thru this process.  


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